34T HaulMaster Chaser Bin

The 34T Elmers Haulmaster  has a capacity of 40m3 and is available in Blue, Green and Red. 

The Haul Master is a low-profile high capacity heavy duty chaser bin designed to withstand the elements when you need it most. The low-profile chassis frame provides excellent stability and there is plenty of clearance for headers with lower augers.

Designed and manufactured in Manitoba, Canada, the Elmer’s range is built by farmers for farmers.  Owning and operating their own farm, Elmer’s understand what farmers need from a product and they build products and create solutions to give farmers and contractors the capability to be more productive and profitable.  They also understand the need for their products to handle the toughest environments.

Features of the Haul Master range include a full-length horizontal auger to make cleaning out fast and efficient, bolt together design to eliminate cracking and seam failures, and an unloading auger that can empty 30 tonnes in just over 2 minutes.  Thanks to balanced auger flights the Haul Master dual belt drive auger system provides fast and smooth unloading rates of 16 – 18 tonnes per minute. The horizontal auger can disengage separate to the unloading auger in the event of a blockage. An optional pivoting unloading auger adapts to any unloading scenario with the spout pivots to direct the flow of grain into the truck. Enhanced by the powerful simple Agrimatics Libra grain weight and data management system you will know what is in your grain cart at anytime from anywhere. With load cells and the Agrimatics Wireless System the header drivers, truck drivers and chaser drivers can view accurate chaser bin weight data on their smartphone, tablet or computer.  The system records the weight data from each paddock individually and this can be transferred via smartphone to PC and the cloud when the phone has service.  The system itself operates with Bluetooth so phone service is not required for information sharing in the paddock.  The chaser driver is able to manually enter an unload weight for accurate truck loading

  • Hydraulic Flow Control
  • Heavy Duty Jack
  • Pivoting Spout
  • 20″ Discharge Auger
  • Roll Tarp
  • See-through Window at Front and Rear
  • Standard Work and Safety Lights
  • Full Length Clean Out Door
  • Load Cells
  • Hydraulic, Air or Electric Brakes
  • Elmers Transfer Tracks
  • Pivoting Auger
  • Electric Roll Tarp
  • Conveyor Kit (CTF)

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