Designed and manufactured in Manitoba, Canada, the Elmer’s range is built by farmers for farmers.  Owning and operating their own farm, Elmer’s understand what farmers need from a product and they build products and create solutions to give farmers and contractors the capability to be more productive and profitable.  They also understand the need for their products to handle the toughest environments.

The Haulmaster is a low-profile high capacity heavy duty chaser bin designed to withstand the elements when you need it most. The low-profile chassis frame provides excellent stability and there is plenty of clearance for headers with lower augers. The Elmer’s Haulmaster range comes in 25t, 30t, 34t, 43t and 55t capacities.

  • 25t
  • 30t
  • 34t
  • 43t
  • 49t
  • 55t

Elmer’s have developed their own Exclusive Tracked Undercarriage because there was no other undercarriage that could perform to their expectations on their own farm. Growers can expect to combat wet conditions and compaction with Elmer’s exclusive track design built specifically for the highest capacities, toughest conditions and low maintenance. The tracks are available standard on the 55t grain cart model while the 25t, 30t and 34t have an option to include Elmer’s Transfer Tracks.

  • 30″ Transfer Tracks
  • 36″ Transfer Tracks

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