Transfer Tracks


The Elmers Transfer Tracks are built by a farmer for a farmer. Elmers Transfer Track allows you to easily adapt your existing equipment to increase flotation and reduce compaction. Put them on your Air Seeder, Chaser Bin, Spreader or Sprayer.

  • 3x more flotation – Compared to 900/60R32 Hi Floatation Wheels, Elmers Transfer Tracks offer 3 times more floatation, reducing compaction problems.
  • Reduced Compaction – Reducing compaction and resistance can lead to a better seed bed, yields and fuel savings.
  • Unique Design – With Hydraulic Tensioning to maintain alignment and Pivoting Mid Rollers to help distribute weight on uneven terrain the Transfer Track will give you the smoothest ride.
  • Transferability – Use it on your air cart in spring and your grain cart during harvest. The Transfer Track can be transferred in 30 minutes with basic tools and a fork lift.
  • Excellent after sales service and product support.
  • Using the Transfer Tracks on your fields can increase yields by up to 5%*It can improve soil penetration, create a more uniform seed depth placement, improve water infiltration and help develop a healthier root system. All these factors together can create a stronger and healthier plant with better yields. *Based on Camso Research
  • Save on your next equipment purchase – Keep Elmer’s TransferTracks in mind when you purchase your next equipment and you can save! By not ordering tires with your equipment and ordering TransferTracks.
  • Year round use
  • Mounts to Standard 10 Bolt Ag Hub

Features of the cushioned bogie

  • Open frame design to reduce debris build up
  • Approx. 5 degrees side to side movement
  • Reduced vibration
  • Durable cushion disks
  • Easy to replace wear plates

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